The Oklahoman Adventure

The ring that was passed down from Father to Son was old as time itself. It was not only the symbol of Marriage, but of the family that guarded it. Crafted of gold, with Diamonds,Emeralds and turqousie The Ring was believed to be worn by the First Jewlery maker. Now it was Jeffery's turn to bear the ring as the days approached for him to be married. Jeffery knew his role in life was to help his fellow man, so he knew the duty that the ring bore.

Jeffery stood six foot tall, weighed 225 lbs, with medium brown hair, and hazel blue eyes. He was a medium sized guy, not big like Dolph Lungdreon. He wore stlish glasses with grey tinting. Jeffery was a bit farsighted, the prescription always was difficult since one eye had an astigmatism in it. Well educated, very intelligent, gifted in creative cooking and writing. Musically gifted a backup vocalist. Jeffery had seen good times and bad, he knew how tough his responsibilites were in life. Clarissa his future bride always encourage him.

Clarissa stood five foot ten, she was porportioned like a goddess. Her curly Strawberry blonde hair, he pretty blue eyes made her the perfect match for Jeffery. She was a cosmotoligst, also muti-talented like her soon to be husband. She had lived life on her own terms, she knew hwat she wanted and worked hard to get it. Jeffery always encouraged her.

What they both did not know was The Evil One was planning a nasty surprise for their wedding day. One of his servants was to stop the wedding, cause Clarissa to leave Jeffery. The servant was a member of Jeffery's circle of friends. Jeffery knew there was a fake in the fold, just not sure where. Both Jeffery and His turncoat friend were unaware that other suspected them.

The Friend tried eveything to stall the wedding, and get Jeffery to see things his way. Jeffery felt the Evil One and just dismissed the pleas of the friend. He told Clarissa to watch that friend closely. She nodded, she herself had been warned in dream. She hadn't told Jeffery, but she knew who the guilty party was. The Friend was not alerted to her presence, he was not told by His Master who was going to stop him.

The day of the wedding was nearing. The Evil One cursed acidically. He had tried everything he knew, His Enemy mad sure Jeffery and his soon to be wife were protected. He called from Hell to His Enemy"He and she will desert you if i am allowed to interfere. You can't in fairness allow another Job. ". He knows all things replied not by word but by allowing the soon to be married to be put to the test.

The wedding took place, the Friend then recieved orders to let them be. The Friend knew he had been discoverd when he was politely asked to leave. On their wedding night as they headed for the hotel, they were ambushed by an angry duo, and forced to be bound and gagged, and taken away. The Evil one quickly spirited them from their captors and showed them everything that the other had everdone.

Jeffery knew what was going on, he prayed for Strength. Clarissa stood and cried.. She knew the images were lies, but she was so shocked all she could do was pray it was just a nightmare... Suddenly the Evil One played his ace in the hole... "Yes, both of you are so pure, so worthy of my adversaries love, yet you both work at being so moral?Why becuse despite everything else your no better than I am."

Jeffery spoke"The difference is Lucifer we don't hide behind a delusion of being as good as He whom has forgiven us." Clarissa hugged Jeffery"You, Lucifer, are here becuase you tried to take what was not yours and rule what was never given to you.Release us and go find someone else to pester" then she called out for Him to rescue them. He granted the request, and instantly the honeymooners were at their hotel checking in and starting their journey...

The Evil one swore revenge... Later in life the best he managed was to rob Jeffery of the use of his right arm. Jeffery regained control of it, he never gave up.

Years passed... what happened is another story for another time..

The End... or is it?

Authros note:This is fiction, bear that in mind...

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