The Trek

The Cowboy looked at his clock on his radio in the Cheverlot S-10. Noon and his best friend was late. Melody was always late. Sweet as a Georgia peach, sassy as a tart strawberry. She loved him. The Cowboy always was a bit soft on her, hell he spoiled her. Flowers, candy, movies, he even spoiled her daughter RaeAnn. He was Kentucky stock, rough and tumble. She was Oklahoma bred. He loved spending time with Mel(as he called her). He loved kids too. The Cowboy teased Rae about her long blonde locks and her elfish grin. The Cowboy had hard luck with women and men of late. Girls dumped him after learning he was a swinger. Guys seemed to dislike him. He never complained he just moved on. Mel seemed to know how to make him feel better. The Cowboy loved her cooking too. She made home made chicken and dunplimgs. She made yeast rolls that were to die for. Rae loved the cowboy, he was nice to her and her mommy. Rae loved the way the cowboy went places with her and her mommy both. The only fly in the ointment was Mel's roomie. Christy hated The 'Boy. He was after a free room(her room), and board(her share of the food). She said all sort of nasty things about him, especially to Mel's family. Jealousy never had greener, more envious eyes. Mel managed it well.