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Darkness.. Darkness is where dreams form in the minds of men and women. Darkness.. This page deals with dreams..My dreams Darkness.. Are you ready to be scared out of your mind? See in my dreams the hero doesn't always walk away unscathed and get the girl.

Sometimes the hero must fight on.. Heroes sometimes live with an antagonist they can't ever defeat. I have such an antagonist in my dreams.. He looks just like me, knows everything i know. See I try to be Light in a dark world. Sometimes when i face my doppleganger in my dreams.

It's like looking in the mirror and seeing every evil thought or word come to life. He's always wearing dark sunglasses,he wears black leather jackets and black jeans and black biker boots. He loves Cuban cigars, Harley Davidsons, anything that looks good he wants a piece of. He loves his women on the dangerous side, his friends are Jim Beam and Trouble.

He knows when we meet for battle he can't beat me, but i can't beat him. We usually will have a few drinks and discuss the day, his favorite qoute is"So, you really wanna dance tonight or can we just admit today i won." I usually wil drink up and say"Let's dance, Bubba! I got a bone to pick with ya!!"

In the dreams which is all they are.. We'll remove our jackets and shirts and draw identical swords and fight it out. He always gets the first cut, his ego always needs a boost. Me, i usually draw some blood. we'll fight till we drop.. then we'll laugh, and start fighting again.. He always gets hit harder during this.. But he lands some killer combo's

When we get done, we wil clean up and drink a few beers comparing notes. See we are not enemies, just linked together by fate One can not be all light and no darkness. He always offers to drive me home, i always tell him nah i'll walk. We shake hands and go our seperate ways. My intimate always asks if it's a macho thing,it's not it's how i face my dark half and embrace his portion of our shared soul.

The bartender always asks if tonight i have learned anything of value.. I tell him, yeah sorta.. To which he chuckles at, offering me a last drink. Then i go and have great sex, and sleep until the next night's battle.. Most people fear themselves, i have learned to accept myself.

Hence the other pages you have seen Crazythings was his idea... Margarita man was mine.. Can good and evil exist in one body, yes it can. No person is perfect... I try to be more flexible, he tries to be more caring. I am one man with two distinctly different elements that make me.

No i am not schizo, i just have reached the point of accepting myself completely. Enjoy the pages, learn yourself, becuase, you only know what your capable of.. You only know what makes you a complete person. Face the monster, don't run from it:)

Psychology of The author

What defines a dream? What is Good and Evil? Dreams are yet to be clearly defined. The best guess is that they are where the mind handles it's problems, it's daily data, it's palytime is the dream. Reality lies in the waking part of our lives, it creates the dreams. Reality is where dreams sleep and the sleeper is awake, and aware.

Good is defined as the anithesis of evil. It seeks Beneficial ways, friendships,etc. Evil is the antithesis of good.It seeks destructive ways,it ruins,it is a destroyer.

Since no man is perfect we must embrace what we are, choose which is stronger. We are driven by our passions, they mold us,good or bad. This is what i seek to tell those that surf the net. Not everyone is evil and seeking a free hand in your life.

Your dreams speak to your personality,also they speak to you as what kind of person you are. Don't fear yourself, if what you see makes you feel inadequate or less than who you think you are..change is free. Change is what makes us unique. When i say embrace the monster, i mean accept your imperfections and learn from them.


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