Stop the Hatred and Misinformation

Folks, I shoot straight from the hip.. The time has come for Americans to join together to Stop the Hatred and Misinformation. Bi-sexuals, gays and lesbians alike are continually treated like the African Americans of our society were during the first two hundred years of their history in our country. They and we are not second class citizens. What right do these self proclaimed religious and political right wing bigots have to attack us with laws and speeches? What was Jesus sent to earth for? To show us another way! I may not be rich or popular, but I know right from wrong. It's appauling how far we go in God's name, yet defend such ruthless terrorism. Has everyone forgotten the Oklahoma City Bombing? The mindset of hate doesn't care how many it hurts, ruins or kills. The Hatred that prompted the recent San Diego Tear Gas attack, is the same as the one that fueled the Okc Bombing. Love your neighbor as yourself-Jesus himself said. Yet do we do it? No, sadly enough. Abortion Doctors are killed in the name of God, Children are mercilessly slaughtered in our streets by international madmen in the name of God, Street Gangs acting as God kill millions a year. When do we like Popeye say"Enough is enough, I've stands all I cans stand, I can't stands no more!". Reality check!!!! When do we hug our neighbor, bind his wounds and help him..Instead of nailing him to a cross like Jesus? This lesson we teach our children will live long after we are gone. Do you want your child to be the next one to batter their neighbor for no reason other than their sexual preference? Heck, Hitler killed many just for their hair or eye color, not to mention their religion. Anyone for another Holocaust? Unless we change this mindset, someone we think is not watching will grow up and finish the work we allowed today to continue. "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"-Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. What do we fear from the non hetero community? Fear is abused energy derived from misplaced faith. We all pull our pants up the same way, so why do we bear the bruises, bullets, and burns? We did nothing to our neighbors. We chose to love differently. Is our crime loving someone in a way others can not accept, a criminal offense? I strongly urge President Clinton to do the right thing and lead lawmakers to a bill of rights amendment which allows us the same rights and privaleges our fellow americans. He told us in 1992 we did not have to tell when asked in the military. He told us we all needed to be part of"The Good Gang". Well Mr. President? Which is it? Are we your silent partners in forging your new century america; or your homies who have your back on building a better tomorrow? I am Forgiven, not perfect. I make mistakes, but at least I'll own up to mine. When will Americans own up to theirs? Stop the Hatred and Misinformation for no other reason than your neighbors asked you to. Do you love your neighbor? ....

We proudly support Bi-sexual lifestyles

We are Bi-proud. We feel by flying our flag alongside our nation's flag. We will inevitably show our brothers and sisters in other countries that- we will stand up for our rights and be proud of our choices. We won't "be quiet" or "go away". We will try to live in peace with all God's children all over the world. Just don't expect us to be the quiet step-children of a couple decades ago. We finally found our voices and are using them. Let's build a world, we all can be proud of, where one flag unites us all. One word on it's hallowed cloth will we march by "Love".


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