Welcome   to   my   house

Welcome to my house. Wipe your feet, let me take your coat. I am so glad you came by to see me, please sit down and enjoy my hospitality. Here's a cup of coffee, while I introduce myself... Hi I am MONGRELSBONE, I am 24 years old, and really out to lunch... I am always glad to see my page visited. I'm a beginning writer, not published yet. My mom is kate from Kates_Coffee_Kitchen. She's nice, real good hostess. As for you, tell me about you? I enjoy e-mail, please send me your comments. Now, let's take a tour of my house. Be Careful of the phone chords, my sisters drag the phone anywhere and forget that people must try to walk around here. Guys we have company!!!! Walk this way...


KY 42345
United States

My   Living   room

While on the tour feel at ease, I always take care of my guests, if you need to go, then e-mail me at bottom of page. If ready, let's go see just how much fun we can have here. By, the way, my family is in the den which is next stop, they love company. Mom may try to see if you will stay to eat, mikethemacdaddy my dad might want to go outside with you to chat over coffee, h2so4burn my sis will entertain you with her day or her musical talents-she's good, Sam my other sis is probably here, she's or out with her boyfriend.Teenagers,gotta love 'em. So how are you doing? Fine i hope, now let's meet the 90's version of the Cleavers(just kidding). By the way,Since we live out in the boonies,be careful when you leave people around here drive like it's a nascar race course.

My   den(fnacy   isn't   it?)

Hi, here is my den. It's a messy place, but it has more room than the living room you entered in. Here is my computer, my music, and my family. Kate, my mom i have told you about. h2so4burn is my little sister, she hangs out at Nintendo chat room, and various rocker's pages. mikethemackdaddy is my dad, he's new to all this so if you see him, just be patient. Sam,must be gone,or maybe she's outside.We are pleased to meet you now, let me tell you that we are all big music, movie, comedy, and chat fans. I like All kinds of music. The others tastes vary a bit, you ask them yourself. now lets move on to sites you can see.. By the way.. #23544078 is my icq number icq me!!

My Snazzy List of Links

Kates_Coffee_Kitchen: My Mom's page, go mom!
Lycos Chat: Where i go to get away from it all, enjoy
Riddler: trivia site
WCWWRESTLING: TNT Monday Nitro Fans will love this one
ICQ: How download icq to keep in touch with me
guestbook: my guests sign here
my anwsering machine: get messages from fam and friends
Muhlenberg online: Site to see from our community
Weird: This page is strange
Smile: Dedication to everyone online
The New Doghouse: Click here for new links and fun