The following work of Adult fiction is not for Minors(anyone under 18years of age). So if you ain't 18 i suggest you go play some basketball and work off all that pent-up energy. Besides your mom and Dad would really be pissed off, and you don't want to be grounded until your forty do you? Now that we have that outta the way... Let's get down to business...

The Margarita Man

The Cantinas of Tiajuana are famous for all sorts of rogues and scoundrels. But none would dare lay claim to El Hombre de Las Margaritas. He stood a towering 6'6 in a town full of men who barely met his waistline. He was muscular, His long black mane of hair was always bound in a long pontytail. His wore Gianni Versaci suits, custom made. His imported Italian leather shoes spoke of the old gentry. Some claim that behind those dark brown eyes was Un mafioso(A mafia man). He was from old Mexican money, very wealthy, very well educated. His trademark was un pitcher de Margaritas Mejicanas(Mexican style Margaritas). He looked younger than his 35 years of age. His full body tan made him irresistable to the Senoritas. If he was in your cantina he wanted a private table, the best and youngest waitress to wait on him. He always paid in cash. He always tipped good. A smart man tells his waitresses to do whatever He asks. Juan Alvaro De Jesus(Our Margartia Man) always rewarded those who treated him well.

Today was El cinco de Mayo, his birthday. Today he wanted to be especially generous. When Anita came to his table she smiled politelty and curtsied. "What can i get for you today Senior De Jesus?"she asked sweetly, desperately trying to not overdo her work. "Yes you most certainly may. I would like porthouse steak, a picther of Margartas, and a small salad please miss."He smiled as he ordered his meal. "very well sir, I shall sned your order to Jose and i will be back with your drink shortly."she said and swiftly, but clamly went to the kitchen to give Jose the order, and to get Sr. Dejesus favorite drink. Jose knew who was outside he already had the grill hot and the steak on before Anita waited on him. He also had the Cantinero mxing the drinks for Sr.Dejesus. Anita quickly tossed fresh salad for her customer. She sang as she grabbbed the platter, and loaded it quickly with the menu items. She mumbled a thank you to Her boss, To Dios for his generosity this day of her work..she then went to deliver the platter to her wealthy customer. She then served Sr. Dejesus his meal. He asked her to sit and accompany him, he wished to be with someone as he ate and drank. She gladly accepted this offer.She knew what he wanted, and she was prared to give her heart to him un plato de oro if he so desired.

He smiled and chatted about the lastest soccer teams. She listened and spoke in all the right places."So you follow the Americans?Good i am Going to buy one of their teams and teach them how We play the game,perhaps they might even beat our best team."He bragged. Anita chuckled at him"Sr. the Americans couldn't dribble to midfield if their lives depended on it, it will be good for them to learn from one such as yourself.". "Yes, their soccer has no Fuego, no intensidad. Ay, ayudame dios they play like old men. Ha,aha!"Dejesus bellowed. Anita giggled"So, may i clear these dishes and get you some more to drink?". "No thanks, i need to sit an some this nice cigar and let my dinner settle. You know i am hosting a party later, you are to be my guest of honor. Tell your boss i will pay for the meal and will pay for any lost time so you do not get fired for paying special attention to me." Anita thanked him and went to the back to give the dishes to her cousin. Then she relayed the good tidings to her boss. "Well our little Anita has caught the uncatchable Dejesus. Good tell him, i give you the rest of the day off with pay. He needn't trouble himself with the bill i will personally pay for it."he cackled tasingly. Anita ran back to tell Sr. the good news. He then asked her to accompany him to the Kitchen. When he walked in he handed the old man, the boss, a wad of money and said "I apolgize for the inconviences i have caused. I am formally hiring Anita to work for me as my advisor. She has pased the test." The old man nodded and took the money, being sure to thank him and offer him anything in his business to help make the transition for Anita easier. Sr. decided to have the old man cater the party. Everyone went about their day happily after this.

Anita was escorted outside to a brand new 1999 Mercedes limo. She smiled, and thanked her new employer. Dejesus waited for Antonio his valte to open the door for them. "Antonio this lady is going shopping we shall help her find suitable clothes." Dejesus said."Yes sir, i know the best place, shall i take the liberty of calling ahead?"Antonio asked. "Antonio, you never cease to amza me, by all means." The limo driver waited for his passengers to get in. He then shut the door. He then got in and drove the limo, as he drove he dialed Angelica's and told them Mr.Dejesus was on his way. Angelica's would be waiting...

When Anita and company came in, Angelica herself waited on them. "Let us see the Lady, needs new clothes for a new job. May suggest the Dejesus suits?" she smiled waiting for Dejesus to approve or disapprove.Dejesus nodded. Then Anita was measured and sent to the fitting room. Anotonio smiled... Dejesus nodded to Angelica. Angelica ushered herslefin to help Anita. Anita noticed Angelica locked the door."Anita my dear it is time you learned the first lesson of being part of our family."Angelica said in a tone of total sexual lust. "Angelica, no this is not right, please stop.."Anita cried as Angelica slipped her first two fingers of her left hand into Anita's pussy.Angelica then kissed anita deeply,and began stroking Anita's pussy real deep and real slow."Ah,Angelica, oh yes, please make me cum!!Oh yeah, yes,yes..mm"Anita cooed. "So, the little girl likes to be played with, her pussy loves it too eh?Good..."Angelica had Anita so hot she nearly broke her fingers from the orgasm. Angelica spent the next hour teaching Anita what it meant to love her new family.

When Anita walked out of Angelica's she was a new woman, not just her appearance, but her body had been loved too.

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