Now that i have your undivided attention:

Okay folks, stop drooling, it's just a window dresser, okay? Now for months i have been trying to get some more traffic to my other pages. So if you like this, go check out my otherpages please. I greatly appreciate you time, thanks very much:) Oh..your still here..Good. I have a new novel underway, an online novel. Interested in reading it, well scroll down and click the link that says"The Margarita Man"

Enjoy... "Mr.Sulu, ahead warp factor 5..." "Aye,sir." "Set course for Main..." "Course laid in, heading 0000.01 mark 1" "Mr. Spock you have the conn.." "Aye, sir.."

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The Doghouse
My humour(or was that my femur)

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