Everyone asks who is MONGELSBONE? Where does he come from? Where does he get these wonderful links?How old is he? Well this page will answer all those questions. Let's start with who i am. Born around April 11,1974 at Greenville Hospital in Greenville, Kentucky,yours truly took his first breath of life. Greenville, Kentucky is The County Seat of Muhlenberg County Kentucky. I grew up various places in the state of Kentucky,and the state of Florida. I attended both Greenville High School and Muhlenberg South High School (which i graduated from). I played on the First two football squads of South High,I then attended The George Stone Center Vocational School for Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts. I then went on to start my career in Foodservice. I have been employed by The Canton Buffet in Powderly Kentucky. My Boss Ben Ng,His wife and family were very good to me during the course of my employment which lasted from September1997 to April1999. The buffet is no more,and the service was top notch.(Alaways advertise good places). Living in a small town,that was hard to find on maps,makes man curious as to wether or not such a town exists anyone ever hear of the song Muhlenberg County?That's about us here in that small town and our community. Where did i get my wonderful links,Lycos. Best Search engine online,you guys at Lycos are the best. ICQ,lots of people send me links from their ICQ. Yahoo,i often check my Yahoo mail for sugggested links. Also just about every TV show has links listed on the bottom of the closing credits. Update April 2000 I have been married seven months now to Melody. RaeAnn is my step daughter she's a cutie. My in laws are the inmates that run the asylum. I've decided to come forward and admit to my bi-sexuality after 20 years of concealing it. My life has changed since my move out here to oklahoma. My family in Kentucky has yet to discover this. They'll be told probably by Christmas. I hope everyone will understand that I'm human..I am mortal and I can't hide who I am anymore. If this offends some of you, my sincerest apologies. I am still that mutt that never does what his masters wanted him to:) To quote my favorite country music star"That's my story ,and I'm sticking to it!".

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