Crazythings a look at some crazy sites and sounds

Since i started building pages here at tripod, i felt a new page was in order. A rather funky page,so enjoy the ride... Please extinguish all cigarettes,return all tables to their upright and locked positions,and enjoy your flight!

You wanted it,well here yougo,would you like fries with that?

the palace: Avatar based chat,really cool
yahoo clubs: these really get weird
wcwwrestling: WCW site
Russian Spice Girls: This one is scary
Your room: Find out about yourself,check it out!
it's you: Funnysite
freesite: free stuff
muhlon homepage: where i am from
Moon Dog mane hoempage: Cool band page
sci-fi channel site: scifiers site,beware lol
Gemmie's Page: This one is reallly scary,are you afraid?
ANGRY'S BEDROOM(adult roleplay,no kids please): Under18 not admitted
Smile: Page of all my online friends
ThE DOGHOUSE: another of my cool pages
Metallica fan club: Metallica's Fan club page
UnionAslyum: Where to find Cool Kiss stuff
Riddler: Riddler chat site
wwf webpage: wwf site
My stories: Some true,some fiction,some that keep me awake a night.
Geocities: where to find some other great homepages
Dusty's page: For a special friend
myownemail: e-mail site
webcelerator hompage: push your puter's accelrator to the floor.

This many people really ought to be watched,lol times.

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